The Best Gifts for Your Valentine

The Best Gifts for Your Valentine

Sabina King on Feb 13th 2020

Forgot to get something for your partner this V-day? We've got you covered. These gifts are a great way to say 'I love you' any time of the year!

Food and Drink

For couples that love to wine & dine.

A cocktail kit from The Cocktail Box Co

Cocktail Box’s kits give you the ingredients and tools of a professional bartender in a pocket-sized container! Perfect for a partner that travels a lot, this can make a quality handcrafted drink on a flight, in a hotel room – you name it.

Craft Confectionery from Bixby & Co

Bixby & Co makes delicious non-GMO, gluten free, ethically sourced treats – and they have an incredible Valentine’s Day collection for your partner!

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Dixie Vodka

Dixie Vodka is an all-American premium craft vodka with incredible flavors of the South infused in. Dixie, also the official vodka of NASCAR, works with local farmers in the South to create their infusions. Great gift for a partner that loves their vodka!

Subarz Sweets

Got a partner with a sweet tooth and dietary restrictions too? Subarz Sweets creates a wide selection of home-baked goods with gluten-free, dairy-free and nut-free options.

Bordeaux by Légende

Bordeaux on Valentine’s Day, no matter your current relationship status, just makes sense. And Légende has you covered with a collection of five versatile, affordable, and delicious wines for every kind of valentine in your life.

Fashion & Accessories

From the incredibly gorgeous to the incredibly useful.

Slim Wallets by Paperwallet

Paperwallet’s Slim Wallets are designed by artists all over the world and have designs that would appeal to all sexes. These minimalist pieces are waterproof, tear-proof and 100% recyclable, with enough room for 12-16 credit cards and plenty of cash.

Products by Yay! Brand

Self-improvement seems to be the trend of the hour right now, but we can all agree it’s a trend that’s worth hopping onto. Make positivity a part of your daily life with quality goods that incorporate affirmations you or your partner need to hear.

Heart Bracelet by Isabelle Grace Jewelry

This gorgeous open heart design is perfect for two names, dates or any other meaningful symbol of your relationship! It’s finished with a hammered cable link chain, a Czech glass bead and a freshwater peacock pearl.

A Valentine’s Heart by Hazel Charm Shop

This personalized heart keepsake could incorporate the names of you and your partner. It also has beautiful aurora borealis crystal heart attached to the bottom.

Leather Wallet by Raw Hyd

Raw Hyd’s beautiful leather wallets are a combination of elegance and durability and are sure to please anyone that loves using one wallet for far too long.

Jewelry by Bixler

Bixler prides itself on being America’s First Jeweler, established back in 1785. Their carefully curated collections encompass some of the most beloved American staples from entertainment, sports, military and beyond. So whether your partner is into Star Trek or pretty gemstones, there’s something for everyone.

Gemstone Silver Jewelry

Gemstone Silver blends the efforts of expert craftsmen with beautiful moonstones and opal to create their pieces. These semi-precious stones come to you without the adjunct cost of middlemen, and more importantly, they plant a tree for every order placed!

Kronis Trunks

Kronis Trunks are made from a premium cotton blend that doesn’t trap sweat or bacteria against the skin, won’t ride up the thigh, and provide optimum support. Nothing says ‘I love you’ like incredible underwear!


Gifts that will bring you closer.

Date Night Activities by Let’s Roam

Looking for a cute experiential gift? Let’s Roam scavenger hunts are great whether it’s your first or your 50th date.

Jiggy Puzzles

Nothing tests your compatibility like working on a puzzle together, but these puzzles by Jiggy give you a gorgeous keepsake at the end of it too! These pieces also feature art by up-and-coming female artists world over, and a percentage of sales goes directly to them.

Intimacy Decks by Best Self Co.

Looking to strengthen your bond? Best Self’s intimacy deck has 150 conversation prompts that get couples to bond in surprising ways. Get ready to re-ignite that spark!

Glamping Getaways

GlampingHub offers 30,000+ handpicked glamping accommodations across the world – a perfect, non-fussy getaway for you and your partner!


Gifts anyone would love!

Rose Hydrosol by My Alchemy Skincare

Why gift them traditional roses that just last a week? My Alchemy Skincare’s Rose Hydrosol is created with Rose Damascena Roses, the finest in the world. Ethically sourced, cruelty-free, vegan and locally produced too!

Mr & Mrs Jewelry Dish by Verre Esprit

When you’re co-habiting with someone, it’s important to keep your knick-knacks separate. And this jewelry holder does just that – with a gorgeous handpainted ceramic dish.

Toothbrush by Bruush

Many people would agree that oral hygiene is key to a healthy long term relationship. And Bruush is the best of the best. It doesn’t break the bank, works on a great subscription service, and looks awesome. Side note: make sure your partner doesn’t feel like you’re attacking their dental hygiene – get yourself one too!

SurSHE Subscription Boxes

For those that love supporting women, SurSHE’S subscription boxes are a great way to discover local female-led brands tailored around different lifestyles. Even better – 10% of profits go towards a non-profit that supports women and girls.

Meditation Cushions by Bloom Mindfulness

A healthy mind = a healthy relationship. Support your partner’s meditation practice with gorgeous zafu cushions by Bloom Mindfulness.

Travel Pillow by Bullbird Gear

Got a partner that travels a lot? Or plan to pack more travel into your relationship? Make it a more comfortable experience with Bullbird’s awesome travel pillow. It’s small, supportive and corrects your posture too.

Smoking Accessories by Flower by Edie Parker

If you or your partner enjoy smoking every now and then, these bespoke pieces by Edie Parker are a great addition to your home.

Travel Candles by Fernweh Editions

Fernweh’s boxed set of four luxury travel candles is an incredible gift for lovers of fine food and travel.

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