CBD Pets

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    Soothing Relief

    CBD is a safe, proactive approach to pet health and wellness, curbing situational and behavioral anxiety and supporting natural relief.

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    increased immunity

    CBD works in synergy with the immune system to give your pets the boost they need to stay healthy and active.

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    healthy stress response

    Pets experience stress too! CBD helps your pet feel more relaxed and in control.

the benefits of pet cbd

Experience the joy of seeing your dog or cat happier and healthier than ever before.


  • Relieve Travel Stress

    Taking your pet in a car, plane, or train doesn’t have to be stressful. Administer an accurate dose of CBD 45 minutes before traveling.

  • Ease Your Pet Into New Situations

    Moving, new people, and new pets can all be traumatic for your furry family member. CBD for pets supports the nervous system for calm transitions.

  • Ease the Natural Process of Aging

    Daily CBD can help support the endocannabinoid system, which is intertwined with all major systems. When the ECS functions properly, the aches and pains of aging ease.

  • Support Your Pet’s Mood and Energy Levels

    The ECS is responsible for stabilizing & enhancing energy and mood. By supporting the ECS with pet CBD, your pet may have more energy and yet a calmer demeanor.

  • Help them Feel their Best

    The ECS regulates most of your pet’s systems of the body. By integrating CBD into their daily lives, they have the best chance at feeling good.



  • Easily Digestible & Grain Free

    Dogs & cats have a harder time digesting grains than humans. Hempure CBD Pet Chews & Pet Drops are both 100% grain free.

  • Flavor for a Taste Pets Enjoy

    Dogs love the Beef flavor of the pet chews, while cats tend to be more finicky and prefer the pet drops. Either way, both are easy to administer directly or drop on food.

  • Proper and Easy Dosage for Great Results

    Each Hempure Pet Chew contains 2 mg of CBD. Use the Hempure pet dose calculator below to determine the amount needed based on your pet’s weight and size.


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    Achieve Stability
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    Great for Travel
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CBD Pets 101

As a pet owner, you feel helpless watching your pet suffer from stress or pain. Excessive panting, moaning, pacing or stress-sweating paws.

If your dog or cat suffers from travel or thunder anxiety you want to find him or her natural relief. CBD treats or pet CBD oil supports calm in animals.

Pet CBD treats look and taste just like any other tasty pet treat had at mealtime as a reward your furry friend for being good - but with a lot more benefits. CBD for dogs and cats can be life changing, for your pet and for you as a pet owner.



There are a lot of things that can stress out a dog or cat. Thunderstorms, travel, a new pet or person in the house; these are a few instances when you might want to offer your dog or cat a CBD chew or a few drops of CBD oil.

Some pets suffer from chronic stress that makes your daily life as a pet owner quite difficult. Let’s face it; when your pet is suffering, so are you. By integrating CBD in your pet’s daily diet, you both may find relief. CBD for dogs and cats can be a game changer.

Do your pets get scared during thunderstorms? The loud bangs of thunder can frighten even the bravest of pets. Having some CBD oil or CBD treats around can be the perfect option for your pet. Your pet will likely feel the effects within 30 minutes of ingesting the treat.

If your pet is exhibiting signs of aggression, CBD treats may help calm them down and prevent them from lashing out at strangers or other pets.


Getting older isn’t easy for humans or pets! Just like we all feel new creaks and pains, so do aging dogs and cats. We can’t stop the aging process, but we can make it a smoother transition into the golden years.

For aging support, Pet CBD is best taken on a daily basis. Though your dog or cat can’t tell you how he or she feels, after a few weeks of consistent use of Pet CBD, your dog or cat may feel bodily system support that makes life a little easier.



*Suggested starter dosing. Adjust with results.

CBD Pet Drops

Pet Weight ML of Pet Drops
< 15lbs 18 mL
15-30lbs 18 - 14 mL
30-50lbs 14 - 13 mL
50+lbs 12 mL

CBD Pet Chews

Pet Weight # of chews
< 15lbs 12 chew
15-30lbs 12 - 1 chew
30-50lbs 1-1 12 chew
50+lbs 1-2 chew

There are two ways to let your pet enjoy CBD Pet Chews or CBD Pet Drops. CBD Pet Chews are a nice way to give your pet CBD outside of normal mealtime, such as at the onset of a thunderstorm or a bit before a trip to the vet. Hempure CBD Pet Chew are beef flavored and infused with 2 mg of CBD.

For daily calm or aging supprt, add Hempure CBD Pet Drops to your pet’s food. Pet Drops are a natural flavor so your pet won’t even notice a difference in the way their food tastes. Hempure CBD Pet Drops offer 250 mg per bottle which works out to be 8 mg per 1 ml dropper.

The best way to determine the proper dosing for your pet is to start with a low amount and slowly increase the dosage. We recommend starting with around 0.5mg of CBD per 4.5 pounds of your pet’s body weight. For reference, that means a 9 pound cat would get ½ a chew.