CBD Capsules & Softgels


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    Lab Tested

    Third party testing ensures quality and purity in every Hempure product. Feel confident that our products are non-psychoactive with Zero THC.

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    Organically Grown Hemp

    Organically grown and processed in sunny Colorado to ensure the highest quality products and best CBD experience.

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    BROAD-Spectrum CBD

    Broad-spectrum CBD offers the entourage effect, and whole plant compounds work together in synergy.


A nano-emulsified delivery system enables your body to absorb more CBD from Hempure Capsules than others on the market


  • Consistent Energy for Daily Living

    Feel energized throughout the day without the crash of stimulants. CBD is an adaptogen that supports your natural energy levels.

  • Boost Your Immunity for more Healthy Days

    Because the endocannabinoid system and immune system are intertwined, CBD capsules promotes a healthy and stable immune system.

  • Promote ease and mobility in joints and muscles

    Soothe stiffness and calm restrained muscles. Cannabinoids are potent anti-inflammatory agents. Ideal for faster workout recovery and joint mobility.

  • Improve your sleep and wake up well-rested

    CBD promotes healthy sleep habits that help you relax, drift off into sleep and wake up feeling fresh for the day.

  • Feel Your Best

    Balance your brain’s neurotransmitters for elevated mood and better overall living. Hempure CBD is formulated to provide overall wellness support with natural, whole-plant hemp ingredients.


Benefits of CBD Capsules

  • Easy & Accurate Dosing

    Consistent dosing made easy. Each CBD capsule has 10 mg or 25 mg of CBD so you know exactly how much CBD you’re taking every time.

  • Patent-Pending, Water Soluble PCR Hemp Oil

    Utilizing a micro-nanoemulsion based delivery system, Hempure Capsules have a significantly higher absorption rate than other CBD products on the market.

  • Travel Friendly

    Take CBD with you wherever you go to maintain optimum health while traveling. Add daily doses to your pill kit/box and leave the bottle at home.


Listen to your body and your needs. Adjust the serving size, frequency and strength of CBD you use to achieve your desired results.

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    Zero THC
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    Organically Grown
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    Broad Spectrum CBD
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    Fully Biovailable
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    Lab Tested
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    Made in USA

CBD capsules 101

Taking a CBD capsule is as easy as taking a morning vitamin or supplement. If you already have a vitamin regimen, add the CBD capsule to it; that way you’ll never forget to take a dose.

CBD Capsules: The Easiest & Most Accurate CBD Dosing.

There are many great ways to reap the benefits of cbd oil, but CBD softgels, or capsules, are undeniably one of the most popular methods.

CBD Capsules offer the most accurate dosage system. Each capsule contains an exact amount of CBD for consistent results.

Hempure CBD capsules come in two strengths:

  • 10 mg: To provided regular support to your endocannabinoid system.
  • 25 mg: For added impact and to address more specific needs.

In addition to dosage accuracy, Hempure capsules are easy to transport. If you are going on a three-day trip, just pack three to six CBD oil capsules and leave the rest of the bottle at home.

CBD Capsule effects tend to last longer than other ways of consuming CBD. Because they’re absorbed through the stomach, their effect lasts for a longer period of time than other methods of consumption.


Attain a New Sense of Balance with CBD Oil Capsules

CBD is a compound from the hemp version of the cannabis plant, but it will not get you high. All Hempure products use an extra chromatography process to remove all THC. Feel all the positive benefits without any psychoactive effect that can inhibit your daily life.

Hempure ZERO-THC formulas are safe for those with jobs that require drug testing, such as police, military, doctors, etc.

Worry can hold us back from enjoying our life experiences. It may not always be possible to control external situations, but we can change how we react to them - and CBD can help with that. Some people may feel that it gives them the ‘I got this’ when faced with difficulty. This reassuring effect is subtle, but chronic worriers will know that this small change makes all the difference.