Stage Fright and CBD

Stage Fright and CBD

Sabina King on Aug 12th 2019

Stage fright is a problem for many people in the world today. People often feel anxious taking exams and tests, meeting work deadlines, playing a musical instrument in front of people or performing in sports competitions. We want to be able to do what we do with a sense of calm, ease and relaxation so that we can actually perform the way we know we are able to. In March of 2019, I traveled down to Hollywood, Florida to play in the biggest one wall racquetball tournament in the world. Many of the top professionals in outdoor racquetball play in this tournament. I don’t know about other people, but I tend to get pregame jitters when I play against the top players in the world.

Prior to this tournament, I had never tried CBD before. Knowing it was only going to get more popular I decided to try it for myself both in capsule form and through vaping. I also heavily researched the subject so that I could inform my patients of the benefits. I wanted to have the experience with CBD taken through the digestive tract and also through the lungs. I order the Hempure 250mg vaping oil and got a vaporizer. I took the vaporizer down to South Florida with me to the tournament to try it for the first time.

My first match was against a very good outdoor player ranked #8 in the tournament. I inhaled 5 times and went to play. Within 5 minutes, I started to feel the effects. I have often told people CBD feels like putting a warm full blanket over you. I began playing and went down 11-2 very quickly. Midway through the match, I noticed how calm I felt, even though I was losing. I continued to play calm, fighting my way back and before you know it I won the match 21-15.

The next day, I played the #2 seed in the tournament. Again, I inhaled 5 times and immediately went to play the match. The match was close the whole time and in the end, I won 21-18. In the semifinals the next day, I played the #5 indoor ranked pro in the world in the semifinals. Again I inhaled 5 times and went to play. In each match, I noticed the CBD just washed away the jitters and nerves. I was clear headed, calm, stayed relaxed even in the face of missing shots. It was amazing. It was tight for much of the match until the end. I had so much fun but ended up losing 21-14.

I really enjoyed using CBD to feel calm and clear-headed when playing racquetball at this level. Preliminary research has proven what so many users of CBD have confirmed, that it is helpful in the alleviation of stress. When combined with the brilliance of Chinese medicine, people can significantly reduce or eliminate their stress. So whether you just feel anxious before performing or struggle with it daily, CBD is a great tool to have to feel calmer and more relaxed.

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Dr. Scott Graves AP, MA is a Florida-based acupuncture physician who specializes in food therapy, herbal healing, acupuncture and deep emotional release. He is available for in person or phone consultations. Read his blog here. Like him on Facebook and Instagram.dr.guest post ad

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