​5 Tips For Keeping Pets Calm During 4th Of July Fireworks

​5 Tips For Keeping Pets Calm During 4th Of July Fireworks

Guest Post on Jun 23rd 2020

The loud bangs and flashing sparks from fireworks can be scary, even for humans. Just imagine if you are an animal and have no clue what’s going on? The unexpected noise during the Fourth of July festivities can often result in stress for your furry family members.

Here are 5 tips to keep in mind during the celebrations so your dogs and cats won’t get nervous, or worse, make a run for it.

  1. best cbd pet drops for stressExercise is a natural way to relieve stress. Take your dog for a long walk or play fetch. Play flashlight tag with your cat. Do anything to tire them out and help them sleep soundly at night.
  2. Create a safe and welcoming environment inside your home for your pets. Put a blanket inside their crate to comfort them and a toy to distract. It might also help to play some soothing music to drown out the background noise.
  3. Keep all windows and doors locked to minimize outdoor sounds and prevent the urge for your pet to run away. If you have blinds or curtains, keep them closed to help buffer the light, squeals and booms.
  4. If you’re not already using CBD treats or oils, it can be an effective way to calm your pet’s nerves and reduce stress. It also has other natural healing benefits, including pain management. Check with your vet before starting any new health treatment.
  5. Essential oil is another way to counteract your dog’s fear of fireworks. Simply diffuse a few drops of lavender in the room to create a sense of calm. We do not recommend using essential oils around cats.

Check out this infographic with additional dog-specific ideas and visit to learn more. 

And remember, if you are tense, your pet will sense it too. So don’t freak out, scream or do anything that might startle them. Have fun, be safe and keep calm on Independence Day.

This article was contributed to us by our friends over at Canine JournalLove Your Dog and Love Your Cat. Check them out for more pet related info!

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