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There’s a few important questions to ask about the product you’re buying before you jump in. Not all CBD is created equal. There are different ways of extracting CBD and the way it is grown can alter quality. Some low quality CBD products that had not been tested by a third party were found to contain no CBD at all. Make sure you understand what you’re getting before you buy CBD.

Is it full spectrum CBD or CBD isolate?

Full-spectrum CBD has many benefits over CBD isolate. Numerous studies have indicated that full spectrum CBD improves the ways that CBD benefits the body and offers a more comprehensive solution. The hemp plant contains hundreds of different phytocannabinoids and terpenes. They work together to produce “The Entourage Effect.” It is not entirely known why this happens, but when all the compounds present in the hemp plant work together, they form a potent and powerful entourage that is capable of enhancing the efficacy of CBD in the body.
  • CBD isolate can produced mixed effects and does not have the efficacy of full spectrum CBD.
  • Pharmaceutical companies focus on one active ingredient, isolate it and mix it in a suspension.
  • However, nature doesn’t work in a vacuum and neither does plant medicine. The synergy of all the compounds present is what makes it powerful.

Does it come from organically grown hemp?

Make sure that your CBD is from organically grown hemp. Since CBD is concentrated, avoid ingesting toxins and chemicals by choosing Organically Grown. Currently, the USDA does not have an official ORGANIC certification for hemp, but trusted sources will have organically grown hemp. Non Organically grown hemp is grown on soil that has usually been treated with pesticides and petrochemicals. Since hemp is used in phytoremediation (which means it absorbs the toxins in the soil), choosing organically grown hemp for your CBD wellness product is a must.

What amount of CBD is in it?

Dosage levels have not been established for CBD because everybody responds to it differently. Some experts say to microdose (take a drop or two may time throughout the day). Others estimate dosage based on body size or condition that is being addressed. Manufacturers are not required to disclose the mg level of CBD on the bottle. Trustworthy companies will have both the total mg level in the bottle as well as a mg/suggested serving. They will also provide access to third-party lab results to verify the amount of mg per bottle or serving. It is suggested to start with a low dose and slowly increase until they hit a sweet spot. The best practice is to experiment and see what works for you.

Has the product been tested by a third party?

This is important.

Don’t let a poor quality CBD manufacturer turn you off to CBD as a whole. There are reports of tests being done on CBD pills, tinctures, and oils that indicate there is less CBD (sometimes none) than the packaging advertised. Like everything else in life, there are people lurking out there who may not have your best interest at heart. Make sure when buying CBD, it has been 3rd party lab tested. You’ll be able to check this out on the bottle or website. Don’t get scammed; make sure your CBD has been tested!