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CBD Softgels

Support immune & stress response


Listen to your body and your needs. Adjust the serving size, frequency
and strength of CBD you use to achieve your desired results.

Zero THC

Organically Grown

Full Spectrum CBD

Fully Bioavailable

Lab Tested

Made in USA

Getting started with CBD Softgels

Taking a CBD softgel is as easy as taking a morning vitamin or supplement. If you already have a vitamin regimen, all you have to do is add the CBD softgel to it. That way, you’ll never forget to take a dose. As a result, you’ll know exactly how long your CBD softgels will last and when you’ll need to stock up again.

Why Would You Want To Try
CBD Softgels?

There’s so many different ways to consume CBD, with CBD
Oil Capsules being one of the most popular.

Tinctures, oils, edibles, and topicals all deserve their
place at the table, but they’re not all for everyone.
Capsules may be the best choice for you if you’re
looking for the easiest way to take CBD

Hempure capsules are great because you can take them everywhere, they’re portable, and they’re easy to take. You don’t have to follow any complicated instructions or learn how to use a vaporizer.

If you’re a beginner with CBD, a capsule may be the perfect solution. You’ll know exactly what the dosage of the CBD you’re taking is and be able to tell how that dosage effects you.

It can be tricky to figure out how much CBD you’re ingesting when you take a tincture, topical, or vape oil. Capsules always give you a uniform amount of CBD.

Capsules also tend to last longer than other ways of consuming CBD. Because they’re absorbed through the stomach, they tend to come on slower and last for a longer period of time than other methods of consumption.

WHAT ARE CBD Softgels?

If you don’t already know, CBD is a compound found in the cannabis plant. You’re probably wondering, “Will CBD get me high?”

No, it won’t. Unlike THC, the other prevalent compound found in cannabis, CBD does not produce any psychoactive effects. CBD is a cannabinoid, and it works within the body’s endocannabinoid system.

The body’s endocannabinoid system is one of the most important systems in building and maintaining human health. It’s primary function is establishing homeostasis throughout the body’s many systems.

But what does that mean?

Consider the immune system. It functions by regulating inflammation and anti-inflammation. When the body produces a chronic amount of inflammation, serious health problems can occur.

The ECS works within the immune system to balance out the amount of inflammation and make sure it remains at a healthy level. When it is thriving, the endocannabinoid system produces a balanced amount of both.

CBD allows the endocannabinoid system to function better and more efficiently. Think of it like the oil in a car. CBD is not the fuel of the ECS, instead it allows the ECS to work more easily.

Is CBD safe? Can you overdose on CBD Hemp Oil Softgels ?

All current research and science indicates that CBD Hemp Oil Capsules are safe to use. There are currently no known fatal levels of CBD consumption. Human beings appear to be capable of tolerating high levels of CBD with little adverse effect.

Multiple studies indicate that there are few, if any, side effects of CBD consumption. You can rest assured that when you take CBD, you’re not putting yourself in any danger.

While CBD is safe, buying it and taking it can present a few risks if what you’re taking is not of the best quality. There’s a few important things to look for when you’re buying CBD.

Can CBD help you find balance?

The endocannabinoid system is found throughout much of the body. It exists within the brain, central nervous system, immune system, endocrine system, organs, connective tissues, and many other places. In each part of the body, the EtCS does something different, but its goal is always the same. It works to establish balance.

CBD will increase the chances of achieving balance throughout the body. When this happens, many symptoms and ailments can disappear resulting in greater health and a general feeling of wellness.

Things To Consider
When Purchasing CBD

There’s two main ways to purchase CBD: full spectrum and isolate. What’s the difference between the two? Full spectrum CBD contains CBD along with many of the other cannabinoids and terpenes found in cannabis. CBD isolate contains only CBD and nothing else.

Many people assume that CBD isolate is the better choice. This could not be further from the truth. Plant medicine works best when all of the natural aspects of the plant are allowed to work together in unison. This is known as the “entourage effect.” When the entourage of cannabinoids and terpenes found in cannabis are allowed to work together, they operate more efficiently, producing better results. Make sure that when you buy CBD, it is full spectrum and not isolate.

You also want to make sure that any CBD oil you consider purchasing has been tested by a third party lab. Many CBD products were discovered to not contain as much CBD as they claimed or have any CBD in them at all. Third party lab testing ensures that the CBD you’re getting is what it is advertised as and contains the proper amounts of CBD.

At Hempure, our CBD products are all organically grown. You won’t have to worry about consuming any sort of harmful, unwanted chemicals. Everything you’re getting is pure, unadulterated CBD.


Discover the Best
CBD Softgels

CBD, the newest health trend that’s taking over the world. It seems like CBD is popping up everywhere. At stores, online, and in health shops, you’ll see CBD. A compound with a storied past and prevalent future, CBD receives more hype by the day.

Does it live up to this reputation? Do you think CBD is as important and revolutionary as the world is making it out to be? With more research pouring in, the evidence points to CBD as being one of the most important products to hit the shelves in recent memory.

It presents a drastic new approach to health that could alter everything modern science believes about the human body and how to treat it.

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Live a calmer, more focused life by adding CBD softgels to your morning or evening routine.

But remember, not all CBD capsules are the same. Hempure CBD softgels are made with patent-pending water soluble PCR hemp oil that results in optimal bioavailbility. Translation: you get the most out of every Hempure CBD softgel. Don't take our word for it. Try it yourself.

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