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CBD Balm

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Listen to your body and your needs. Adjust the serving size, frequency
and strength of CBD you use to achieve your desired results.

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Getting Started With CBD Balm

CBD Balm is one of the most popular new skin care products available. While many skin care products contain scores of synthetic chemicals, it is no surprise that an all natural product like CBD balm would be leading the way in health trends. CBD, a compound found in the cannabis plant, holds enormous potential in revolutionizing the way we view health and skin care. With numerous studies being done every day, there is a vast body of knowledge being generated about CBD and its potential benefits.

Taking Apart Herbal CBD Balm

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is one of the most prominent compounds found in the cannabis plant. While many people associate cannabis with “getting high,” CBD does not produce any psychoactive effects.

The way in which CBD communicates with the body
is both fascinating and complex. It interacts with the
body’s endocannabinoid system.

The ECS exists throughout the 11 central physiological systems of the body. The ECS is one of the most critical systems for establishing, building, and maintaining an optimal level of health.

Your body’s endocannabinoid system works to establish homeostasis in all of the other systems of the body. Homeostasis can be thought of as balance. When each of your systems is in a state of homeostasis, or balance, you’ll experience optimal

The endocannabinoid system comprises three main components: receptors, cannabinoids, and enzymes. Cannabinoids bind to receptors. When this happens, a biological reaction occurs. What this reaction is depends on where the receptor is.

Enzymes are responsible for recycling cannabinoids after they have been used.

What can you use CBD Oil Extract for?

It can be challenging to visualize how a herbal CBD balm applied to the skin can provide significant health benefits. When something is ingested, it makes sense that it would get digested and absorbed into the bloodstream.

CBD balm is different in that it works directly with the skin cells endocannabinoid receptors. The skin is a complex organ and the largest one in the human body. While it does have a barrier that is used to prevent harmful substances and foreign invaders from entering your body, it allows certain oils and substances to pass through. This is how CBD exerts its effects when used as a balm.

What’s the Difference Between CBD Balms, CBD Oils, and CBD Vape Oil?

The main difference between these the most popular ways of consuming CBD is the manner in which they’re used. CBD Balms, Oils, and Vape Oil all contain CBD. You apply CBD balms to the skin. They’re best for promoting healthy skin, joints, and muscles. They’re applied topically. Their effects come on quicker than other types and show improvements to whatever area of the skin they’re applied.

CBD oils are typically placed under the tongue and then swallowed. Their effects take longer to come on, and they tend to be more general and less of a spot treatment. They promote wellness and health throughout much of the body rather than at a specific location.

Vape oil infused with CBD is used in a vaporizer. It is heated up and then inhaled. With this method, the effects of CBD come on almost immediately and last for 1-2 hours. They are similar to regular oils in that they tend to have a full body effect rather than a spot treatment.

How does your body make use of the CBD in CBD Oil Balm?

When you use a CBD balm on your skin, the CBD crosses the skin cell barriers and begins interacting with the endocannabinoid receptors present in the skin. CBD promotes healthy skin and can help you if you’ve got any areas of your skin that are not feeling well. It is the perfect spot treatment and can be applied to any area of your skin to get it back to a healthy state.

CBD balms also help promote healthy, functioning joints. CBD allows your joints to move smoothly and freely, supporting ease of movement and promoting easy exercise and motion.

If you’re looking for something to put on your muscles after an intense workout, CBD may be the perfect solution. CBD supports a full muscle recovery.

Picking a CBD Balm and Important
Things to Consider

When choosing a CBD balm, there are a few important things you’ll need to think about to ensure that you get the highest quality product.

Does the balm contain full-spectrum CBD?

This is one of the most important questions to ask when getting started with CBD. There are two main types of CBD you can purchase: CBD isolate and full-spectrum CBD. Full-spectrum CBD includes all of the cannabinoids that are present in the hemp plant while CBD isolate contains only CBD.

“The Entourage Effect” occurs when CBD works in conjunction with the other beneficial compounds in the hemp plant. Multiple studies indicate that CBD is more effective when it is able to work with these other compounds.

You’ll also want to make sure that a third party lab has tested the CBD balm you’re using. There were multiple reports of CBD products that contained no CBD at all. When you buy CBD, it is crucial that it has been lab tested to ensure that you’re getting a product that contains what it says it does.


The Complete Guide
to Using CBD Balm

Education is the key to wellness. There is so much to learn about CBD and the Endocannabinoid SysEvery day we are learning more about the benefits of CBD and how it interacts with the body. The possibilities of the many uses of CBD is exciting and inspiring.

In the years since CBD made its great entrance into the supplement world, we’ve learned a lot about how the skin absorbs it through topical application. Unlike other products, CBD balm is not ingested. Instead, it’s applied right to the area that needs it. If you are looking for a topical solution, the right strength of CBD balm may be exactly what you need.


There’s So Much To Discover
When Using A CBD Balm

How does CBD Balm work best for you? Do you use it on your face or on joints and muscles? Do you find it works best if you use it in the morning or after a long, stressful day? There’s many different ways you can incorporate CBD balm into your life. The best way to figure out what works best for you is to try out CBD balm in many different ways and compare the results.

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